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Original price was: ₨ 28,500.00.Current price is: ₨ 21,500.00.

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Original price was: ₨ 28,500.00.Current price is: ₨ 21,500.00.

  • FABRIC: Made from 100% Solution Dyed Olefin offering superior fade protection with built in UV protection
  • OPERATION: Patented Auto Tilt Feature, simply crank to open and tilt. No need to reach for the tilting button allowing you to easily and effortlessly adjust the tilt as needed keeping you shaded at all times of the day
  • CONSTRUCTION: Entire frame is made from rust-free all aluminum with stainless steel hardware, 8 ribs for added canopy support, 1. 5-inch diameter aluminum pole providing a stronger more durable frame, built-in wind vent and ties to close the umbrella totaling superior weather protection.
  • SECURITY: Featuring a built-in wind vent and canopy ties to close the umbrella for superior weather protection.
  • Optional base is not included and must be purchased separately
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Product Description

Stay shaded and stylish with our premium umbrella featuring top-notch features:

Crafted from 100% Solution Dyed Olefin, our umbrella boasts superior fade protection and comes equipped with built-in UV protection. This ensures long-lasting color vibrancy and shields you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Experience effortless convenience with our patented Auto Tilt Feature. A simple crank is all it takes to open and tilt the umbrella, eliminating the need to reach for a separate tilting button. This allows you to easily adjust the tilt as needed, ensuring you stay comfortably shaded throughout the day.

Built to last, the entire frame is constructed from rust-free aluminum paired with stainless steel hardware. The umbrella features 8 robust ribs for added canopy support, and a 1.5-inch diameter aluminum pole provides a stronger, more durable frame. With a built-in wind vent and ties to close the umbrella, our design ensures superior weather protection, making it resilient against the elements.

Enhanced security is a priority with our umbrella, featuring a built-in wind vent and canopy ties. These elements work together to close the umbrella securely, providing additional protection against varying weather conditions. Rest assured, our umbrella is designed to withstand the elements and keep you covered.

*Note: Optional base not included, must be purchased separately for added stability.* Elevate your outdoor experience with our meticulously crafted and high-performance umbrella.

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